Japanese Swords

Called “Nihonto”, genuine Japanese Swords are expensive. If your’e interested in buying one be prepared to spend at least $300 and up. You can also find some very decent quality replicas of Japanese Swords. As a guide expect to pay at least $100 for a quality replica, anything under this price is going to be ornamental only. Three things to look out for when buying the most basic cutting Katana are
1. The blade should be made from tempered carbon steel.
2.The blade should extend all the way into the handle. This full tang construction ensures strength and balance through the blade.
3.Ideally the weight should be around the 3 pound mark.


Japanese Samurai Swords Series, 39″ Green Jintachi

Japanese Samurai Swords Series, 39″ Green Jin Tachi: Stainless steel swordBrilliant antiqued metal accentsBright metallic gold lacquered saya26″ steel blade9-1/2″ handle36-1/2″ overall without saya, 39″ with saya39″ x 3-1/2″ x 3-1/4″ complete dimension with saya onFor display purposes only

$ 35.64

Cold Steel Japanese Sword (Imperial Series) , O Tanto

Only traditional materials are used for the Japanese sword s fittings. The Tsuba (guard) , Fuchi (collar) , and Kashira (pommel) , are expertly made and finely crafted from black iron. The Habaki (blade collar) is hand made out of polished brass and each hilt is covered in Sam (ray skin) and tightly wrapped in the traditional style with black cord. A beautiful brass Menuki (a small, ornamental sculpture inserted between the ray skin and the cord wrappings on the handle) enhances the sword s aesthetic appearance and makes for a sword that is as traditional looking as possible. All feature fully sharpened 1050 carbon steel blades, each heat treated to a spring temper. The blade surface is then given a careful polish by hand, with a distinctive mirror polish applied to the fuller (blood groove) . These battle-ready swords are exquisite examples of the sword maker s art. Specifications: Weight: 18. 4 oz. Thick: 9/32 inch Blade: 13 1/4 inch Handle: 6 inch long. Sam (Ray Skin) Black braid cord Steel: 1050 Carbon Overall: 19 1/4 inch Sheath: Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard with Blue-Violet Cover Bag

$ 499.99

Cold Steel Japanese Sword (Warrior Series) , O Katana

The Japanese swords of the Imperial Series have proven, since their initial introduction, to be quite popular with many customers. Still, Cold Steel is aware that there are some people who want a battle ready sword but hope to find one at a more affordable price. The Warrior Series addresses this problem directly. In Cold Steel s efforts to reduce the costliness of the blades, they have omitted the expensive mirror polishing used on the Imperial swords to create this series of Japanese swords with a more practical finish. The Warrior Series swords are very handsome in their own right and share the same steel, heat treatment, and sharpness as their more expensive Imperial counterparts. Like the Imperial swords, they have Sam covered, cord wrapped handles and quality fittings. If you re in the market for a strong, good looking, reasonably priced Japanese sword Cold Steel knows you ll be happy to own one of these. Specifications: Weight: 56 oz. Blade Thick: 9/32 inch Blade Length: 36 inch Handle: 13 inch Sam (Ray Skin) . Black braid cord with brass Menuki Steel: 1050 High Carbon Overall Length: 49 inch Sheath: Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard w/ Blue-Violet Cover Bag

$ 624.99